Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's been a long long while since I blogged here. I haven't been doing a whole lot of creative work, just mainly taking care of baby Carrie and planning for the holidays. I hit a big slump, but have a lot of plans for the next month. 

I now have a blog on The Quilt Show, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims' fantastic online quilt experience. If you are reading this and never heard of it, hasten ye there and take a look at all that is offered. I have met some instant friends there through my first two blog posts. 

There is a 2009 Block of the Month program that I am going to attempt - a medallion quilt with the center being a feathered star. This is a very intricate design, but there is a lot of instruction and a variety of tutorials available to get you through the intricacies. I will give it a try! It can be scrappy, so I am going to try to make use of my stash. I do have to decide on a focus and a background fabric before I can get started. Off to the LQS I shall go. Here is a look at the design. The January block is the center medallion. The instructions provided are very thorough!

While I begin auditioning fabric for this block, I will have to get busy finishing up the baby quilt I started months ago. I've done NOTHING on it. The quilting had me stumped. I will conquer it - soon. 

I also want to work on this new project for the baby. It is a pattern for a shopping cart cover called a "Cootie Cover". Baby Carrie is getting almost big enough to use this. She is getting way too heavy to haul around in her portable baby car seat, so for grocery shopping, we will put her in this cover!

One other big project looms. My sister Leslie and I are traveling to the Bay area on Inauguration Day to participate in an Alex Anderson Simply Stars seminar at Alden Lane Nursery. The class begins on Weds, Jan 21, but we need to get there the evening before. The plan is to watch the inaugural events as long as we can before we hit the road. I do not want to miss this historic event. TIVO is a blessing, is it not?

We have purchased our fabric for this class and I am thinking I might even like to use something similar for my TQS January BOM project. We shall see. I must move on now, so, you should be hearing from me more often. I will sign off with our cutest little Christmas package photo, taken by my nephew John. Guess who?