Saturday, August 30, 2008

Greetings from Santa Ynez!

Welcome, everyone, to the B 'n J Barber Lucky Lavender Lane blog! 

The B is me, Bonnie. The J is my husband of 36 years, Jerry. We have three grown children, Megan, Heather and Patrick, and one new grandchild, Carrie, whom you will see and hear plenty of if you continue to follow this blog. We have three dogs, Nevada-Frasier-LucyLou, and one older white cat, Lizzy. Undoubtedly, from time to time, you will see photos of them as well. 

You will see and hear about life on Lucky Lane; about quilts; about family; about things going on in our lives. I'm not sure anyone would really be interested, but it's fun to do and I guess I will read it, if no one else does!

When blogs first got popular, I couldn't see what anyone would want to know about a stranger. Now, I am obsessed with checking my blogs and finding out new 'stuff'. The blogs I read are about quilting. I found them through my Yahoo Groups... suggestions from other people on the lists. It is kind of fun peeking into other people's daily existence. Kind of gives me a boost to get 'doing'.

So, on this Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I leave this blog to go read some others, and to ponder why I thought I should do a blog. Secret is, Megan and Allan (our daughter and her dear husband) beat me to it. I love their blog and it prompted me to try one too!


Megan and Allan said...

Nice! It's a great way to journal what has been going on. We look forward to your future blogs! Love, Me and Allan

Heather said...

Very creative! I love it and will be tuning in often! Maybe make one of my own??? =)

Auntie L. said...

You do such great work ! I will follow your blog daily. Love, Auntie L.