Monday, August 9, 2010

Redmond and the FMCA Rally

Plans were to meet Peggy and Vernon down the street at 11:30 at the Fred Meyer and refuel. Surprisingly enough, we timed it so well we were behind them in the fuel lane. Oregon does not allow you to fill your own tanks, so we had a most polite young man fuel us up. Don't be too shocked, but we have put over $300 of diesel fuel in the coach since we left. We had a half full tank today, but we wanted to take advantage of the lower price. Also, when we leave Redmond to go to Astoria, there aren't any big truck stops along the way. By the way, maneuvering Big Mac through a shopping center parking lot full of cars can be a challenge. We made it out with flying colors - Good job, Mr. Barber!

While we refueled, Leslie drove the rental car over to the fresh fruit stand and picked up some just picked marionberries (a relative of ollalieberries) and a bag of cherries. Those cherries are sweet and meaty. Absolutely delicious!!

We then proceeded to Redmond, caravaning with the Bullocks. Once inside the showgrounds, we were guided to our spots. Not bad - they are at the end of the line of coaches with no one on one side. Nice, because we have some separation from other coaches and a view to boot, even though part of the view is a low slung warehouse.

We settled in and then were invited to share dinner with several of Peggy and Vernon's friends, who have primo spaces right next to the seminar buildings. Peggy made an apple crisp which we baked in our oven since her coach doesn't have one. Leslie and I made what turned out to be a hit - chicken salad on a triscuit with a slim slice of cheddar and topped with a chunk of tomato. Everyone loved it. I thought it tasted great too.

As we ate and chatted, a chill wind began to blow and the sky clouded over. Some thought we might get some rain and maybe a thundershower. Several hours later, the wind has subsided and no showers yet. I really want to experience the raindrops falling on my head... do you know that song from so long ago? Here's hoping.

Tomorrow we will attend a 'First Timers' Seminar in the early afternoon. Debbie Reynolds will be here in the evening showcasing a movie on her life. Not sure if we will go, but sounds good. There is a volunteers dinner at 5:30 which we will go to. We are volunteering to serve ice cream on Friday with the Full Timers club. Thinking I might sample it a lot, especially if it warms up!

So that's about it for today. Oops, lest I forget entirely, here is a photo of the two Maltese pups who were next to us in Bend. Already I can't remember their names! They were soooo cute, friendly and huggable. I hugged them both with lots of love. They liked it too. I was so tempted to steal them! Didn't.

Cheers from Redmond, OR....
Bonnie Jerry Leslie Lucy


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having a good time:) -Megan

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Those dogs are sooo cute! You HAVE to see Debbie Reynolds!!! How could you miss that?? Anyhow, sounds like a great time! Miss you. H & C xoxoxo