Friday, September 26, 2008

One Month Later

I have no idea where the days went! A lot has transpired since Labor Day which I will probably mention in the next several blogs.

On Carrie's Quilt: I pondered more on what method of applique to use to populate the quilt with ladybugs, as per the pattern requirements. After several indecisive days, I used the method suggested in the pattern - freezer paper. Of course, along the way I got creative and made some dumb mistakes. I'm not sure anyone will notice, but I sure will. I misunderstood the placement of some of the pattern pieces, which could have been much better drafted, and machine stitched them in place. I cut out the backings and pulled out the freezer paper. Wow, I thought. I'm moving right along. Until I realized that I had positioned them wrong. Too late to change anything because I had already cut out the backing. Consequence is that the walking ladybugs have their feet attached to the side of the wings rather than the body. Drat. I had this nailed I thought. And then I see what a goof I made. Oh well. Onward.

On Carrie: Thanks to eBay, she has the cutest designer clothes ever. It is incomprehensible to me to spend big bucks on baby clothes, so buying them online as 'hardly used' and never abused makes complete sense. Heather has scored big in auctions and Carrie can be very proud of her wardrobe! At four months old today, Carrie has many functions to attend. She has PEP group, Kindermusik, and now Valley Baby to attend each week. It is important to look good, of course, for these activities. Take a look.

On my sister Leslie: thanks to her loving support, we weathered Jerry's trip to Bass Lake well. Leslie came and stayed with us for nearly a week, helping us handle all things Carrie. You know, it really does take a village to raise a baby. I am fortunate to have a sister who will do anything to help out. She had spent several days previous helping my sister Susan through a foot surgery. Many many jewels have been adhered to her heavenly Crown!

I hate to write pages and pages in this entry, so there will be more tomorrow and the next day.

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Anonymous said...

You are a phenomenal writer! No wonder where I got that from! Thanks for the Carrie updates... I've been lacking in my blogging opportunities. BTW, you are a wonderful grammy! =) Love, H