Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New American!

No, not baby Carrie. It is Allan, my #2 son who, as of Friday, Sept. 26, was sworn in as an American citizen. Born of Scottish parents, Allan grew up in Hong Kong's international community, completed his university studies in London, and then came to the U.S. to become a highly successful animator in the video game field. On April 19 of this year, he and my oldest daughter Megan were married aboard a yacht in Newport Harbor. It was an absolutely perfect day, and Allan is an absolutely wonderful SIL. We are soooo happy he joined our family. Here in this photo, he is meeting baby Carrie, born May 26, for the very first time. Congratulations, Allan!! We love you!!

Megan and Allan had a pretty busy week last week. On Tuesday, movers arrived and packed them up for a move to San Diego. Wednesday, they moved into their new apartment in Del Mar. Thursday was Megan's 35th birthday. Friday was Allan's big day at the Los Angeles Sports Arena where a smallish group of 18,000 new Americans were charged with allegiance to the United States.   Apparently, our officials do not know how to manage large crowds. It was a grueling experience, but Allan will be the first to say he's glad he did it. So are we! BTW, the 18,000 sworn in that day were divided into three groups of 6000. Can you imagine how many people earn citizenship every month in the U.S.?? Mind boggling. As an aside that will not be appreciated by all... I hope they all vote for Obama! Would that it were Clinton/Obama rather than Obama/Biden. Can't imagine the elusive Gov. Palin running the country. Disastrous!!

Well, of course since I mentioned baby Carrie, I will just have to post this photo of her I took today. Impish little smile. I can safely say that this is the happiest baby I have ever seen. Granted, the first three months of her life were very colicky. Ohmigosh, I thought we would all run away. Hanging in there paid off, and Voila!, what emerges but the sweetest cutest little girl baby ever. I'm not at all biased, am I?


Janis said...

I love that picture of your granddaughter. What a cutie. And what a wonderful story about your SIL. Yes, you are blessed. Enjoyed your blog on our quilting retreat. Even though I didn't take Annie's workshop, I listened and learned alot. Great teacher.

Leslie said...

Love your blog, I love the new additions to our famiy as well. Congrats to Allan and love to that little mischief Carrie, L.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet pics of Allan and BG (Caralyn)... I am a proud mommy for sure! Love you! ~H