Saturday, October 4, 2008

Making a Pillowcase

I haven't made a whole lot of progress on my two projects this week. I did get over to Creation Station and buy backing for the ladybug quilt and sashing and border material for my Fabric Choices quilt. I am now watching Notre Dame football vs. Stanford. Most of my readers are Domer fans so I can be safe in saying that the Irish are currently wiping out Stanford. Of course, that could change. The Thousand Oaks kid, QB Jimmy Clausen, is doing a much better job this year. And, he finally cut his straggly mop. Bet the coach made him do it. Or his mom.

Anyway, I was reading a query on the Janome Yahoo Group where someone wanted to know how to make the pillowcases that are so popular right now. So, here's my story. I became aware of these a couple of years ago but never made one. Lost the pattern too, but now the patterns are everywhere. It's easier to watch someone put one together than to read directions, so, last summer I was at Candy's Quiltworks in Reseda and asked one of the ladies to show me how to do it. I took out my trusty Canon Elph cam and shot the following video. 

WARNING: This video has one error! 
I did what they demonstrated and had to take it apart after I stitched the layers together. The mistake they made was that the main body (largest) piece is supposed to be laid down with the wrong side up... the gal in the video put it right side up. Otherwise, the video is correct. 

If I had read Jen Buettner's blog more carefully, I would have caught the mistake. By the way, Jen's blog has all the instructions you will need to make a pillowcase. Be sure to check it out.

So, when the football game was over, I trekked upstairs and made two pillowcases. Once the three pieces are cut, they take very little time to put together. I think the next time I make one, I will make the flange much narrower. I cut a 3" piece for the flange and I think I will follow Jen Buettner's advice and make it 2" . It makes it stand out better being smaller, I think. 

Here is our cutie pie in her new green dress. Most appropriate for a Domer day!

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