Monday, October 20, 2008

Diagonal Pieced Back Excel Formula

Adding on to my previous post, I want to assure you that there is an EASY way to figure out the yardage. Once John Flynn originated the method, others got busy figuring it out and one site posted an Excel template! We can all thank Horizon Quilt Patterns for providing this. I used this formula to assist me in estimating the amount of yardage I would need. Not being too trusting of my cutting and measuring skills, I added a few extra inches.

Another hint I want to share with you. I found the photos on John Flynn's page a bit hard to see, so before I cut into any fabric, I tested his method on a rectangular piece of paper. Once I did that, I understood what to do. 

I will say that a small piece of paper does not compare to 2 yards of fabric all laid out. So here is my next suggestion. Get help. You hold the tip of one corner of the fabric, and have your helper hold the diagonal opposite corner. Then, fold on the fold, taking your helpers corner to yours. Fold that way again. Lay it down and trim about a quarter or an eighth of an inch on the mutltiple folds. When you pick it up, you will have two triangles of equal length!

Then, lay them down and slide one down, leaving the other triangle where it is, until you have the width you need. Double check that you have the length you need as well. Carefully pin the bias seam and stitch about a half inch seam. Press the seam open and then trim the big bunny ears off to arrive at a rectangle.

Again, practice with a piece of paper first if you have trouble understanding how to do this.

A little bonus shot for you all today, in case you follow Brangelina. John Wylie, a local pilot, takes some very interesting aerial shots from time to time. Here is a shot of Brad Pitt's beach house near El Capitan Beach in the Santa Barbara area.


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