Monday, August 16, 2010

Astoria/Warrenton on the Oregon Coast

Off to the Oregon Coast via Hwy 97 from Crooked River...
After traversing the short bendy road from the CR RV Park back to the 97, we settled in for a long drive to Astoria, expectations for a beautiful drive were high. And I can tell you, our expectations were actualized!! The 97 wound its way north in a gentle and well maintained road north, Mt Hood always beckoning to us from the NW quadrant. We drove through fields and fields of bright golden wheat. Saw lots of grazing horses... it would seem that paints and pintos are popular in this area, as there were many. Several very small bedraggled 'towns' along the way gave way to signs of the mighty Columbia River ahead... the surprise in store for us was the fields of wind machines cresting the hills above the river. This state has more water than it knows what to do with and now they are harnessing the wind in a major way. Good for them!

Once the 97 merged with I-84, we ran almost the entire way to Portland skimming the banks of the mighty river. Bidding adieu to Mt. Hood and its majesticly high terminus, we became enthralled with the rivers and lakes and numerous piney state parks along the road to Astoria. We bypassed Portland and made our way west from the I-5, once again back on local style two lane roads. We crossed bridges, passed through tiny little hamlets, regretting we had missed this fruit stand and that antique store. We had a goal to make it to Astoria before Jerry dropped of exhaustion, so no stops along the way. Besides, where do you park a 40' monster on a narrow two lane road??

Backing up, there are photos of our lunch stop and doggy potty stop at Ft. Myers State Park, some miles west of The Dalles. That was just a bit scary as we turned off the interstate, thinking we were going to a rest stop. Nope, we were going to a campground with one land road and no turning around. Whew, there was a boat launch area with a parking lot and turn around area. Whew, our first tight spot turned out okay. We turned around, ate lunch, took Lucy for a walk and then squeezed our way through the narrow road and back on to the interstate. A happy moment, free again! We had another scary moment this morning upon leaving the KOA in Warrenton/Astoria. More about that later. It did produce an undesirable result, but all is pretty much okay.

I can easily say that the drive down the Oregon coast from Astoria to Newport was stunning, beautiful, slow going (averaged 35 mph probably, due to construction, very narrow road, and numerous numerous bends in the road), and as picturesque as one could hope for.

Going back to the Astoria area and the KOA. We just couldn't wander around Astoria. It was late, cold, foggy and the roads would not have been kind to Big Mac. No Goonies house for us to visit. Sorry, H.

The KOA was a big plus. It had everything you could want in a campground and more. I have posted more photos on my gallery. Please be aware that most photos were taken through the front window of the RV, and some through the side window, which had a screen. I have uploaded all the photos taken since we left Crooked River and if I remember tomorrow, I will explain several of them. Otherwise, just enjoy... the camera's eye could not see what my eye saw, but it came close.

It's taking to long to load the rest of the photos. I'll do so tomorrow.

It is late and I'm so tired. I think I will close here and discuss today's drive more tomorrow. G'Nite.

Bonnie Jerry Leslie Lucy

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Anonymous said...

I would have thought Tillamook was in Wisconsin-who knew?! The hills are brown, and they have 'more water than they know what to do with??' COol they harness their wind though! AStoria looked like it was a nice little place. What happened to the RV??? -M