Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bend, OR

We left Klamath Falls about 9:30 am, after a more leisurely rising this morning. Within 10 minutes or so, we were riding alongside Upper Klamath Lake. It is so huge it looked like we were on the Rincon on 101. For those not familiar, I will interpret: it looked like the Pacific Ocean with the three islands peering out of the mist. The drive was not as white-knuckle as I had been warned. It is quite spectacular to see so much water when you come from southern CA. Most of the drive to Bend was through pine forests, obvious logging areas. We could see groves of newish trees along the road, reseeded by logging companies some years ago. Log cabin shanties appeared here and there, scarce in this stretch of the road. I wondered who would live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by blue sky and tall pines. Ha, nirvana for many. A bit too isolated for me. But unquestionably beautiful!

Signs along the road indicated 'chain zones' where cars could pull over to put on chains in winter. Most side roads were dirt and gravel. No signals on cell phones. Just us and a whole lot of 18-wheelers chugging up and down the long sloping road. The roads are in outstanding shape, interesting considering snow falls here and often roads are degraded because of rough winter storms. Our passage was quiet, Big Mac's rear diesel engine purring softly along the way. I could wish all our travel to be that wonderful, calm and peaceful. I am loving this.

Bend was just 130 miles from Klamath Falls, so we got there around noon, and then embarked on a search for the Budget Rent A Car office, where we had reserved a small car to toodle around in. After much frustration, we found it and were rewarded with an upgrade to a huge Mercury Grand Marquis. Then off to our new home for two days at the Scandia RV Park, just a mile away. Lo and behold, we find that our space is a bit unusual. We're parked alongside the office, the last spot available it seems, even though I made the reservation in June. It turned out okay really. We have a nice private little lawn area and two very very cute Maltese puppies as neighbors. When they come out for their walk tomorrow, I will grab a photo of them. They look just like Lucy. She growled at them, but was otherwise non-aggressive.

After getting settled in our 'space', friends Peggy and Vernon Bullock joined us here at the park and we went for Chinese food. They are staying about 20 miles out of town and we will park with them on Monday at the FMCA rally in Redmond, some 18 mi north of Bend. It was good to see them, it's been over two years since I have seen them at a CAWEE conference. We were both high school teachers prior to retirement. Peggy and Vernon are 'full timers' in their RV, having abandoned home ownership to travel the states. They are the inspiration for my sudden urge to buy an RV and travel. It's all their fault!!

I must defer a moment to reflect on my sister Susan and her family's yearlong European sabbatical in a VW camper van almost 40 years ago. I can say this: how did they do it with 2 adults and 2 children in such a cramped space??? and in Spain and Morocco and Turkey and Austria and France and more. Now, that is a grand adventure. I am sitting here in a luxury motorhome with a washer and dryer and wi fi and cable/satellite tv, queen size bed, two sofas, a 4-door refrigerator, oven and microwave. What a long way we have come!! Kudos to the Lordis for their adventuresome spirit. I wish I could have done that with my children. Sorry 'bout that, M H and P. It's never too late though. Missing you, by the way.

Here is Jerry and Lucy, enjoying a beautiful evening, nice and cool. Actually getting quite cool. Time to go in soon.

Another view of our 'space' next to the office. We have our own private little garden, complete with pretty flowers. We are parked parallel to the interior road of the RV park, but it isn't at all bad, all things considered.

Well, blogger is NOT letting me post the other photo. So frustrating. I'll get it in there one way or another, but for now, aloha.

Bonnie Jerry Leslie and Lucy

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Anonymous said...

Excited for you guys that you are finally living like retired folk! Must admit I'm thoroughly jealous! We miss you, too. xoxo H&C