Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sisters went to Sisters...

Leslie drove, dragged Jerry along with us, and off we went in the rental car to Sisters, OR., home of the biggest outdoor quilt show in the states. I couldn't be this close and not go there. I also wanted to see where the RV parks are in case we went to the show, which is always the second Saturday in July. I can tell you this, the town is a Western themed boutique, kind of like Solvang but smaller and cuter. On Sunday, the traffic is dense. U.S. 20 routes people right through town. Don't go on a Sunday!

I loved the fabrics and quilts in the Stitchin' Post in Sisters, but my favorite shop was a brand new one in Bend called Quiltworks on Greenwood St. No website for them yet, but the shop has great fabrics and design ideas and the gals in there are really really nice. If you're in Bend, check it out. Within maybe three miles of each other, there are three quilt shops in Bend, and a new super JoAnn's opening up. This town does fabric!!

In addition to devoting the day to quilting, we ventured a bit north and east over to Redmond to seek out our Aug. 15 accommodation at Crooked River RV Resort and to see where the Deschutes Co. Fair grounds is, where we will camp for the next 6 days. And yes, I used the word 'camp'. We will be boondocking, drycamping, hoofing it! - no water or sewer service or cable or wi fi. We will be parked with over 2000 motorhomes in a parking lot!! Okay, confession. We will have 'some' electricity - 30 amps, which will maybe run a few house electric items at a time. Fingers crossed the weather holds in the 80s.

We've been battling with our worthless on-board self-seeking DirecTV satellite dish. It worked in French Camp and hasn't found a satellite connection since. We've had cable but won't in Redmond. We'll be too busy anyway. We do have some great DVDs if we want to watch a movie at night.

This is beautiful country, Bend and Sisters. I can see why people love this state. I can even see me living in it, if my family would all come. Good roads, no sales tax, unparalleled scenery from your front doorstep, inexpensive properties on huge plots of land. Nice.

Redmond is a bit more like the high desert in CA, think Palmdale with pine trees. Crooked River, 12 miles north of Redmond, wants to look a bit like the Grand Canyon. Huge vertical bluffs colored in reds and browns dipping down into a river... probably a crooked river, dontcha think?

If I had time, I'd inform you all of the history of these very interesting places. Maybe you would like to Google them and see what its all about yourself. But I have to go. The washer is finishing up and I have to check it out. This roughing it is so burdensome. Where are the maids when I so desperately need them??????????

Over and out,
Bonnie Jerry Leslie Lucy

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