Thursday, August 5, 2010

French Camp near Manteca

Here we are, one year since my last post. A long time. A lot has transpired since then. One biggie - we have ventured forth on our first RV trip. We're going to Disn.. oops, REDMOND. Oregon. For a FMCA Convention and then after that, heading north to the Columbia River, due west to Astoria on the Oregon coast, and south on the 101 - homebound.

So, today we started out at 8:39 am - precisely. Getting out of the driveway is the most difficult part of our journey. This 40 footer just gets by our fenceposts on the way in and out. Once we managed that, we headed out the 246 to the 154 and the 101. Turned east at Paso Robles to meet up with I-5 and head north. We made such great time that we changed our reservation from Santa Nella to French Camp, an interesting name, the history of which I must delve into.

What we have seen of our trip thus far are lots of tomato trucks, walnut trees, a feed lot with thousands of cattle and expected odiforous sensations, two closed rest areas, and finally an open one. We pulled up next to the 18-wheelers, and while those hard working fellas lumbered off to the rest rooms, we pulled out our delicious deli sandwiches, potato chips and dip, nice cold sodas and sat at the dining table with air conditioning blowing us into a comfort zone no one outside could have felt. 4 Diamond meal and ambiance. Oh, yeah!!!!!

As we approached Manteca, I noticed a wonderful building on the right. A Ghirardelli Chocolate factory, complete with demonstrations, cold ice cream and other delights I will never know of. You see, this behemoth we are driving, does not stop until it reaches its destination for the evening. Not many parking lots accommodate its length. When we get more experienced, we will fit it in to any place we want to go, but for now... we just don't.

It's late now, and I need to sleep. I will tell you one thing about our accommodations for the evening... French Camp RV Park. It is sandwiched between a dying golf course, and appropriately, a very large cemetery! It's not a bad place, couple shade trees. Not too crowded. It's okay. Give it 6/10 stars.

Photos later. Bed calling me. House Hunters is just ending... our DirecTV satellite dish worked after taking forever to lock in to the satellite. See... this is called 'roughing it' in the 21st century!

Bonnie and Jerry and Leslie and Lucy


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Now I know what we are missing out on! ;0)
Glad you made it in good time, and safely. Can't wait to see pics and to hear the rest of your adventures! H&C xoxo

John said...

We will enjoy following your trip. We made it back safely and are trying to get our body clocks adjusted. Great time, lots of pics.