Saturday, July 11, 2009

El Nino and El NoNo?

Okay, at least we have confirmation of one thing. In the last blog I mentioned the MJ rumor that he would come to Neverland on Friday. I also mentioned that El Nino may be on its way. Which one do you think is for real? You guessed it. No one knows the real destination of MJ cuz they just can't act that fast in the face of all the issues. One thing that was confirmed: El Nino is here. Read this if you are curious to know what El Nino means to us here in CA and you all elsewhere.

To me, it means Lake Cachuma (Santa Barbara county's main water source) overflows, the Santa Ynez River becomes a real river, the creek at the bottom of our property flows, our huge Weeping Willow in the backyard tries to fall down (very shallow rooted), and the state of CA replenishes its water supply! Most of this is all good. What is not good is the burn areas in Santa Barbara and how they tolerate the onslaught of the pending storms.

Now, on to El NoNo.
Day by day more conflicting news comes to light. And people get more and more tired of hearing it. Except those of us who live in Santa Ynez. This area closely guards its ties to the rural ranching past. Old timers intensely dislike seeing any kind of change taking place. They don't want more people nor development of any kind. Oh, except for those who benefit from owning grapes. If land isn't occupied by horses, it is teeming with grapevines. And tasting rooms. Thanks to the movie Sideways, we have more drunken wine tasters than the roads can handle.

Oh, don't get me started. We have the Chumash Casino - just a half mile from my house. Reading the Sheriff's Blotter, all we see of crime in the Valley seems to emanate from the casino. Pickpockets, drunks, drugs, heart attacks, fights. Now if you want to stir up some real trouble around here, all you have to mention is the sovereignty of Indian nations in the same breath as 'casino'. But I digress. In case you wanted to know the latest, here is a local writer's latest conflicting article on the MJ situation. Be sure to read the Update at the end.

Now, about QUILTING. Haven't done much in the past two days.

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