Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Nite, Good Morning

We had a good time at the casino seeing Liza Minnelli still belt out a song as well as ever. That lady has the pipes to keep the crowd on their feet for a good long time. The only thing stopping her is oxygen, bad hips and advancing age. She has such amazing stage presence, you know you are seeing a legend up there. I didn't take a camera, and there were the usual threatening signs about video cameras, etc. I did have my iPhone though. So I waited to see what all the security people would do, thinking they would take the cameras and kick people out or something. None of that happened, people were using flash and everything. So I tried to grab a shot with my woefully inadequate concert cam. Here's what I got. Not so hot.

The next morning we went out to breakfast in Santa Ynez and then decided to go to Neverland as my DD#2 was asked by friends to take some photos. So, here is a photo of me with DGD Carrie standing in front of the well-known gates. I took a bunch of photos and uploaded them as a slide show.

I now have to seriously address the Quilters Palette blocks for the week. Here are the cut out units in place, waiting for me to bring them to the machine and being piecing. Later.

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lissylaine said...

Your fabrics are so beautiful. I agree that one of the biggest challenges is choosing fabrics for each block. Looking forward to seeing your finished blocks and quilt!