Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No to Neverland?

MJ UPDATE: The hordes of people lined up at the gates of Neverland may not know, but the disorganized Jackson entourage says they are not having a public viewing there.

If they were looking for future cooperation from the county of Santa Barbara, their flip-flopping from here to there is surely not going to help them. I received a copy of an email from county disaster health services seeking assistance from health care volunteers for the weekend, so someone in a position to know had set the county services in motion.

The businesses had started gearing up and ordering more supplies to accommodate the expected influx of visitors. Hope they can un-order just as fast. They don't need to suffer losses because of the misinformation being circulated.

Staples Center is the latest rumor for the viewing/memorial.

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Sewnuts said...

Hi Bonnie - just reading your blog for the 1st time and enjoying it very much! It caught my eye on an earlier entry you are doing Annie Smith's quilt - I envy you, I've been a long time listener of Annie's and I love that quilt - hope someday I get the chance to do one! We live so far away from all the MJ stuff that's been happening - and not realizing what impact it will have to your lovely part of the country if hoardes flock to "Neverland" - hope as you say, the family will think it through and plan a better location for his memorial - such a talent gone so young - very sad! Hope you have a lovely July 4th, we just celebrated our "birthday" here in Canada yesterday - all the best to you! Regards, Pat (sewbearnuts at TQS)