Sunday, July 26, 2009

The quilt show

Highlights of the Long Beach Quilt Show:

~Seeing Karen (TQS KakeM) and Sandy (TQS SandyPorter) - both fun and delightful and friendly and full of energy, even after two days of classes and vendor hopping and quilt viewing. Here we are at the end of the day outside the convention center. From L-R: Karen, Sandy, my sister Leslie and me.

~Budget Report: I never wavered, not one iota. No credit cards used. Cash only. I bought some Olfa frosted rulers, some Amy Butler patterns, and two cute cute music boxes in a pillow.

~Seeing my LQS Creation Station attract such a huge following! Take a look at these zany creative people and their booth.

If there was a prize for best booth, they would have to be awarded the blue ribbon. Another busy booth was Superior Threads. I wish they had scored an end booth like Creation Station because there just wasn't any room to look at their products, the people crush was huge and the line to the cash register too long. I wanted to buy thread but there's no way I wanted to stand in a line that was so long. We went back twice, but to no avail. Still crowded and long lines. I hope Bob Purcell is reading this.

The quilts on display were beautiful. Of course, the ones I most wanted to take photos of were off limits for photography. I don't know why. Can anyone tell me? Here are afew that I liked. I am kind of partial to contemporary and art quilts.

You may recall that I was concerned about traversing the convention floor with a broken toe. Well, it didn't start out too well. We had to park far away and walk upstairs to the doors of the hall. That wasn't fun. Once I got on the floor and sniffed out the wondrous products and quilts, I stiffened my upper lip and pushed on.

After about an hour and a half, we decided we were hungry and my toe was famished - for the opportunity to be non-weight bearing. Upstairs we trekked to the food court. That is where TQS KakeM first spotted me. We all went downstairs to the Superior booth for a TQS meetup. No one but us and John Anderson, but we had a nice chat and moved on to check out more vendors.

About an hour later, our friend Maureen got really tired. She has been quite ill and we had ordered a scooter for her to use. She went back to her hotel and guess who inherited the scooter? Moi. I felt a bit odd using it, but my toe was finally at peace with me. Instant relief. I also shared the scooter with my sister Leslie. After all, what are sisters for? Here we are in our happy pose.

We had a good time, but I will say that I thought last year's vendors were more interesting. I bought a whole lot last year, and this year it all seemed to be about the same stuff. Maybe I am getting jaded. I had made reservations to go to PIQF, but I'm thinking I need to give it a rest and go to Road to California instead. We shall see.


Bridget473 said...

I'm very proud of you for sticking to your budget! Good girl! Thanks for sharing the fun -- and the beautiful quilts! -- with us. The scooter was a great idea! Glad you had a nice time!

Leslie said...

Great picture, we had a lot of fun Loved our scooter,

Esther said...

Hi Bonnie,

I have sent you several emails, which I hope you have received...though I'd stop by and check out your blog and just make doubly sure that you have heard from me! Love your blog! Esther