Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a Klutz!

First, I must thank everyone for their very positive comments on my messed up Roman Holiday block. I have taken your advice and moved on. I will not be ripping it out and repairing it. I will leave it as it is and rename it Holiday or Bust! or something like that. Thanks again to all. It was very gratifying to hear from you!

I had fun participating in Annie's Euro Chat on Monday. I met Ruth and Norma and Anna from the North Country. I think I mean from Sweden and Denmark, although I am not quite sure that is correct. I am always impressed by those who have mastered more than one language and do it well. Most impressive! The rest of the day on Monday I played around with fabric choices for the Carolina Lily and Stars and Cards. I'm glad I made a 'chart' to view all my blocks so I could get some idea of which fabrics I should use in these two final blocks. The blocks with the yellow outline are the Lily and Stars and Cards. They are just prototypes and not done yet. I still have to finish the sunburst quarter rounds and sashing. We only have one week left in the class.

Then, this morning I made ready to go upstairs and make some headway on the Lily. That was what I hoped to do. Instead, I walked into the corner of a recliner and broke the little toe on my left bare foot! At first, I ignored it and went upstairs, cut my fabric for the Lily and began stitching it. It was really throbbing and I finally gave up and took a look at it. Swollen and bruised. I googled 'broken toe' on the net and had my diagnosis and treatment confirmed. Ice it, tape it, take an aspirin and elevate it. I did all that except ice it. Just didn't have anything I could use and how was I to keep it on my toe?

So, I spent the rest of the day in my recliner, foot up. And now, I'm wondering, will I be able to walk the floor of the Long Beach Quilt Festival? Under normal circumstances, the feet get pretty tired, along with the back. We shall see. Keeping my fingers crossed it will all work out.


Bridget473 said...

OUCH! I hope it feels better after a bit of rest -- you can't miss that quilt show!

lissylaine said...

Ouch!! I did the same thing last year! I sure hope yours feels better soon!!!